Trainers Ultimate Toolkit

She taught me exactly how to do really smart marketing

Hi I’m Troy Quaife from Easy to Implement Training. When I came on board with Judeth Wilson 4 years ago I was already a good and experienced trainer. This program took my training ability to a whole new level but it’s the marketing information that I found gold! She taught me exactly how to do really smart marketing to get the business coming in and there is no cold calling! Today I not only run training throughout Australia but also overseas and on top of that I have also become an author and appeared in an international television show on training. I pat myself on the back everyday for buying Judeth’s program otherwise I’d still be in the same place I was 4 years ago. Judeth thank you so much for everything you have done for me.

Troy Quaife

Now I earn in a week what I was earning for 6 weeks

Hi, I’m Dawn Russell from The Heartware Group Training.
When I first came across Judeth, I was in a fairly poorly paid job with an airline and I was feeling undervalued. I knew I wasn’t using my potential and I just doesn’t know what to do about it. Then, when I heard Judeth speak, I realised there was an opportunity for me to do what I guess I thought I was put on this planet to do and to contribute in a way that really makes me feel great. Now you see, it wasn’t all easy going, I had a lot of fears to start with and needed Judeth to hold my hand through all of it, which she did. And I started my business part-time while I still worked full time. But eventually, I was making enough money from doing that part-time to leave my job altogether, which is a pretty scary step, I’ve been with the same company for 28 years so it was a big step into the unknown for me. But you know, now I earn in a week what I was earning for 6 weeks at the airline. So it’s really, really changed my life. And you know yes, the money is nice, that’s not entirely what I do it for. It’s all the people that I meet, and people that I help, the organizations that I help. I change and improve the potential of their people, that’s what really gives me a sense of satisfaction in this work that I do. And of course it’s my own business, so everything I earn comes back to me and I can have flexibility. I can choose to work when I want to work and when I don’t want to work. Sometimes that means working weekends, sometimes that means I can take Monday and Tuesday off and go away for a weekend. It’s a really great lifestyle and I can’t thank Judeth enough for helping me change my life so that I’m a whole lot happier with what I’m doing and I feel like I’m really contributing. So thanks Judeth.

Dawn Russell

I learnt more in three days than I had with all of those other degrees that I’ve got

Hi, my name is Dr. Graham Salter. And as my title suggests, I’ve got a few academic qualifications. However, I’ve just finished a three day training session with Judeth Wilson. And let me tell you, I learnt more in three days than I had with all of those other degrees that I’ve got. All I can say to you is, if you want to learn from a textbook, come and join a university. If you want to learn in a real world and how to do training a corporate world and real work stuff, come do this course, it’s great. Thanks.

Dr. Graham Salter

The toolkit is exactly what you need to change your life

Hi, Sarah Savvas here. I went through Judeth’s Trainers Ultimate Toolkit a couple of year ago and after three days of intensive training I said ‘Wow, that’s really changed my life!’ and now 2 years on, I’m doing it , I’m living it and I have a training business that is growing and really, really exciting and I love it everyday. I can’t imagine doing anything else and Judeth has really set me on that path and mentored me on that path and continues to do so. I’m so grateful to her and can’t recommend her highly enough. The toolkit is exactly what you need to change your life, to set you on the path if you want to become a trainer. If you want to do what you love, then Judeth is the person to help you get there and I will forever be grateful to her for setting me on this path.

Sarah Savvas

I love that I can make a great living and still spend the rest of my time doing what’s really important to me

Over the past 10 years, I’ve had to work full-time to be able to afford all the things I need. When I heard about Judeth’s Business for Trainers, I realised that there was a way I didn’t need to work as hard, and earn much more money.

It was an easy decision for me to come on board with Judeth, and now I’ve made a seamless transition into soft skills training. I’ve got the freedom to choose when I work, and how many days I do work. In fact now, I need to train about 2 days a month to earn what I used to be earning. I love what I do, and I love that I can make a great living and still spend the rest of my time doing what’s really important to me. So thank you, Judeth, for making all this possible.

Rachel Barnes

I train 6 to 8 days per month and I am earning more than when I used to work full time…

I had been a successful trainer working for other people and I felt it was time to take my skills and create my own company but I really had no idea to go about doing that. I managed to get a place on the workshop, and it was the best decision I ever made. I have now started my own business, I get to work from home, and I only train 6 to 8 days per month, and I am earning more than when I used to work full time….. Attending the Trainers Ultimate Toolkit helped me to improve my training skills and it gave me the tools I needed to run the business side of my own training company. I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough.

Vicky Deeble

Judeth showed me how I could combine my retail experience with my customer service knowledge to create my own training niche

Hello I’m Neville Smith from Perth in Western Australia, when I met Judeth I was working for a supermarket and had no idea what skill & knowledge I would have that people would pay good money for. Judeth showed me how I could combine my retail experience with my customer service knowledge to create my own training niche and now just a few years later I have my own training company, I work full time as a trainer and earn up to $300 an hour at the moment. I have also competed in international speaking competitions all through Judeth’s assistance and coaching. Thanks you Judeth I could not be happier.

Neville Smith

When Judeth says to you in her marketing spiel that she will give you her all, it’s a not a word of a lie

Hi I’m Nathy Gaffney from Sydney from Bodacious Productions and I’ve just attended Judeth Wilson’s three day intensive, and it was, Train the trainer course. Coming from an acting background, I was pining about giving up the whole notion of performing. Now after three days with Judeth I realized that it’s just another show in a different costume with a different audience. And I tell you what, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. I feel unbelievably tooled up. I have to say almost to the point of being overwhelmed. And I just have to say, when Judeth says to you in her marketing spiel that she will give you her all, it’s a not a word of a lie. So thank you so much. I feel like I’ve got very very big shoes to fit. Thanks so much.

Nathy Gaffney

I made more in a month than I made last year

Hi, my name is Monique and I’m the lead trainer of Unitrain. I’ve finished Judeth’s course just over a year ago. And this month, I’ve already made more than I made last year. What’s great about the course is that you get to learn the tips and tricks of the trade from someone who has been there and done all that. So you don’t have to make those first mistakes yourself, all the rookie work’s been done for you. It’s also amazing to be able to share your dreams and aspiration with fellow trainers and deal with that pool of talent as well. I’ve really enjoyed working for myself and if you’re ever thinking of going it alone, remember you don’t have to, not when you have Judeth’s course. For the first time in my life I can actually say that I love my job, really do.

Monique Kinerson

She is a marketing genius. If you follow what Judeth outlines, then you are making your imminent success most probable versus possible. Judeth has been and continues to be absolutely instrumental in not only my own development but the development of my business. Judeth, I cannot thank you enough.

Hello there, my name is Greg Rogers and I am from Rethink HQ. We are a training and consulting business based in sunny Perth, in Western Australia. I am absolutely delighted to have this opportunity to talk to you quickly about Judeth Wilson and the Trainers Ultimate Toolkit.

Two aspects I would like to quickly touch on:

  1. The Trainers Ultimate Toolkit. What a great choice of words! Zip off and look up the word “Ultimate” in the dictionary. The definition you find there is exactly what Judeth delivers on. The second component is the word “Toolkit”. Any tradesperson worth their salt would give anything to have the type of toolkit that Judeth provides for you. This is not a case of having to zip off back to the hardware store because you need another tool to get the job done. Or “I have to make do with this tool, it is not quite right, but it is going to have to do”. You will get all the tools in the toolkit you need.So whether you are “Is this the right business for me?”, “I’m already in start-up mode” or perhaps you are looking to add something to your existing business, the Trainers Ultimate Toolkit delivers on what it says.
  2. The second aspect is Judeth herself; this is the lady who talks the talk almost every day of her life for a living. But more importantly, Judeth walks the walk as well. She is a marketing genius. If you follow what Judeth outlines, then you are making your imminent success most probable versus possible. Judeth has been and continues to be absolutely instrumental in not only my own development but the development of my business. Judeth, I cannot thank you enough.

Greg Rogers – Rethink HQ

She showed me everything I needed to know about the business side of things and now I have my own business training people in business writing. It’s growing fast and getting more and more exciting everyday

My name is Rie Natalenko and I was a teacher since 1974 and I was so looking forward to leaving, but when I retired, something surprised me, I found I hated doing nothing. I hated the fact that I no longer had any real purpose in my life and I really wanted to do something meaningful because I don’t really feel old at all. Anyway, all the skills I developed as a teacher seemed ideal for becoming a corporate trainer but I had no idea about business. Well that changed when I found Judeth’s course just over a year ago. I can honestly say that Judeth Wilson’s course changed my life. She showed me everything I needed to know about the business side of things and now I have my own business training people in business writing. It’s growing fast and getting more and more exciting everyday. I just want to say thank you to you Judeth, I wish I’d found you earlier. You and your course are awesome!

Rie Natalenko

Judeth is incredibly helpful and generous, I am impressed with her integrity and sharing.

Chris Lavery

Upfront Communications


“…Upfront Communications Training Was Nothing Short Of Amazing…The Highest Ratings…For Any Of Our External Providers”

“Judeth was recommended to me as an expert in her field and as a professional trainer, having worked with the University in previous years. The University contracted Upfront Communications to conduct training sessions with staff nationally.

The response to Judeth’s training was nothing short of amazing and she has set a record for achieving the highest ratings qualitatively and quantitatively for any of our external providers thus far.

Judeth’s experience, combined with her skills and teaching abilities enabled staff to enjoy her sessions, acknowledge the value of training and apply the skills learnt immediately in the workplace.

On the administrative side, Judeth is an absolute pleasure to work with and maintains integrity by balancing her levels of contact to ensure they are meaningful, have purpose and provide insight into our continuing relationship.

I look forward to working with Judeth again and plan to include her in my strategic Learning and Development plan over the next few years.

On behalf of myself, my direct reports and the staff of ACU National, thank you Judeth!”

Monique Kinerson, Manager, Learning & Development, ACU National


“Streeterlaw engaged Upfront Communications to further develop the skills of all of their staff in “Exceptional Client Service”. We had a combined morning training session for our Secretaries and our Solicitors as well as an afternoon session just for our Solicitors. We have had extraordinarily positive feedback from all of our Staff on the benefits of the insights and tips we received from our trainer Judeth, on ways in which we could enhance the service provide for our clients at Streeterlaw. Judeth our trainer was creative in her presentation style and customised the training to meet our needs. If you are interested in equipping your staff to better serve your clients, then I can highly recommended the “Exceptional Client Service” course run by Upfront Communications.”

Alison Streeter, HR Director, Streeterlaw

miamunro-logo-300x74“Judeth Wilson is an exceptional trainer and leader who facilitated rapid learning for me during her Sales presentation training. A woman of high integrity and very approachable. Her humourous style challenged us to stand in our own strengths and express ourselves. A very congruent trainer who uses highly effective energy management skills to provide ease of learning. I highly recommend anyone who wishes to grow rapidly in their individual training and sales style to be at one of Judeths training events.”

Mia Munro, Mia Munro International

rirdc-logo-300x180“The RIRDC Rural Women’s Award has enjoyed a two year long relationship with Upfront Communications. The Award is a leadership and capacity building initiative and we employ their trainers to teach our Award recipients to present professionally and with confidence. Judeth was our trainer and her workshops are the stand out workshops of our program, because she empowers people and she offers strategic and practical support and tools. I love the way Judeth practices what she preaches, she puts alot of work into preparing for her workshops and has an intimiate knowledge of our recipients, so ensuring solid connections and maximising the benefits of the learnings. And the results speak for themselves, our Award recipients have delivered incredibly powerful and moving presentations thanks to Judeth’s efforts”

Edwina Clowes, National Coorinator – RIRDC Rural Women’s Award

the-university-of-sydney-logo-300x115“The Telephone Perfection training was well paced, interactive, and informative. As promised, the training equipped staff with a ‘toolkit’ for providing exceptional customer service and dealing with difficult situations. The training encouraged team work and collaborative decision making, like for example, standardising the phone greeting. Judeth was warm and lively, without being overbearing. She also explained the cognitive and behavioral concepts behind the strategies she was suggesting, which helped me understand and evaluate their usefulness.”

Alberto Cortez, Student Recruitment Support & Training Coordinator, The University of Sydney


“Upfront Communications has provided Conflict Resolution training to number of our frontline team members in Australia – the sessions are practical and engaging and have enabled our team to effectively manage conflict in a stressful airport environment. We would highly recommend Upfront Communications to any business looking to develop their frontline teams with soft skills training.”

Kirsty Bright, Jetstar, Ground Operations


“Working with Upfront Communications on a national Exceptional Customer Service training package was an absolute delight. The training team were extremely professional and were thorough in their approach to tailoring the training to suit our needs.”

Ashlea Webb, HR/HSEQ Coordinator, JLG Industries


“Upfront Communications recently ran a series of soft skills training programs for our finance department at Vodafone. We would highly recommend Upfront Communications to any company looking to up-skill their staff. We found Upfront Communications reliable, professional and tailored training to our specific needs. The delegates found the training very valuable and have requested more training from Upfront Communications.”

Michelle Colbert, Vodafone, Finance Operations & Control


“Over the past few years, Upfront Communications has facilitated a variety of courses for our staff across the country. Everyone has been a success. The inclusive training style is progressive, and brings high-level, fresh thinking and ideas to the team. The sessions have always demonstrated a deep understanding of our business needs. We look forward to continuing to work together in the future. ”

Chelsea Corbel, Brand Manager, Slater & Gordon Lawyers


“Upfront Communications clearly understood what we needed in trying to establish a customer first culture. Very professional to deal with, they quickly put together a customer service program that was absolutely right for us. I was very impressed at how consistent, high energy and interactive each of the sessions were, from the very first to the very last, coaching over 400 staff. Upfront Communications delivered great value for us, and the customised sessions paved the way to introduce a new customer service charter. I would recommend them to any other organisation looking for soft skills training.”

Daniel Hogan, Customer Engagement Manager, Melton Council

cochlear-logo-300x234“I would also like to congratulate you on a great workshop. Although I didn’t attend, I have only heard positive feedback from those that attended …the entire workshop was enjoyed – it is unusual to run a workshop where the entire content is so positively received. Most comments evolved around -; ‘I wish it just kept going’.”

Jane Cockburn, Cochlear


“…Creating An Immediate Improvement In The Results Of The Attendees From The Training”

“As an organisation we had staff that required or requested additional training and development. The training requirements varied from business unit to business unit. Upfront Communications created a training package to suit our needs across multiple topics and learning areas.

The delivery approach complemented the staff learning styles and made the engagement fun as well as creating new skills for the attendees. They looked for ways to integrate the principle of the training into the business practices of the organisation and therefore creating an immediate improvement in the results of the attendees from the training.

The range of courses allows us to create a business training package perfect for our organisation.

We gather our own feedback from the staff who attend training courses and the trainer, has always received the highest praise for the delivery and peripherals that go with a training course.”

Todd Eagles, Training And Business Administration, Transact / ACTEW-AGL

abb-logo“…Staff Inspired, Highly Skilled And Motivated”
“ABB Grain has enjoyed a three-year long relationship with Upfront Communications.
They offered a variety of skills workshops that have left our staff inspired, highly skilled and motivated. The sessions are sought after by all Business Units within our organisation -; her sessions are highly in demand!”

Alyson Gilbey, Learning & Organisational Development Consultant, ABB Grain Ltd

treysta-logo-300x106“Thank you for delivering a great workshop that gave our staff the feedback, tips and confidence they needed to deliver professional presentations. The workshops were well considered and catered to the different learning styles and experience levels in our different teams. The sessions were enjoyed by all and very beneficial. I would highly recommend the training”

Santi Burridge, Director, Treysta Wealth Management


“We have used Upfront Communications service for the last two years. One of many workshops such as change management, leaders in operations- communicating through conflict, account management for our field team. Upfront Communications provides exceptional workshops which left the employees with a new vision and awareness of themselves as well as perception in the workplace. The workshops provided engagement through group interaction, using real life scenarios. The team had memorable team-building experiences, which demonstrated the strengths and weaknesses of the team”

Aula Gatei, HR/Payroll, Ontex Manufacturing Pty Ltd


“On behalf of my entire administration team of Antonine College, I wanted to tell you how much everyone enjoyed the training. We all came out of the session feeling refreshed, and I’ve confirmed that each and every one of us will be able to take something back from the training and apply it in our field. I would also like to thank Sue Matthews and the entire team of Upfront Communication by providing excellent training and services.”

Sister Sayde Bayssari, Antonine College, Office Manager


“We contacted Upfront Communications to ensure that the service that we were providing our customers was the best it could be. The trainer worked with us to provide a tailored course specific to the needs of the receptionists taking part in the training. The feedback has been excellent and we have noticed an immediate improvement in service levels and would not hesitate to recommend this course to others”

Christine Devine, Corporate Administration Manager, Mayflower


“The sales training that Upfront Communications ran for us was tailored to our specific needs of the individuals who were involved and the organisation. We were a group with varying degrees of experience in sales and the trainer handled this extremely well ensuring that we all got a great deal out of the training and some excellent skills to be able to implement in our organisation going forward”

Charles Massarella, Senior Consultant, Mass Recruitment

acetek-logo-300x81“To any potential users of Upfront Communications specialised training, I would like to highly recommend their services. We used Sarah and her team to recently to provide Exceptional Customer service training for our operational staff in the field.

Sarah took the time to come out and see our operations, understand our requirements and build a training package especially that suited our needs. She really understands the intricacies of how operational and field staff can and should provide great customer service and was able to get that message across to our staff in a fun, learning environment.

We are extremely pleased with the result, as many of our staff have commented that they feel more empowered as they now have the tools to deal with tricky situations, understand great communication and general customer service etiquette.

We highly recommend their services as we know you will be as pleased as we are with the end result.”

Steve Eastwood, Director at Acetek

TRS-logo“Upfront Communications has run several courses for our team including Personal Effectiveness, Team Building and Leadership. They have all been extremely interactive and engaging and given our staff practical tips that they are able to implement straight away. We have been delighted with the quality of the trainers and have received great feedback from all who took part. We look forward to working with Upfront Communications in the future.”

Clare Reid, Office Manager, Transport Refrigeration Services

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