Meet Judeth Wilson

The Worlds Most Highly Sought After Business Growth Mentor for Trainers

Judeth Wilson is a recognized and respected international authority in the corporate training industry.

She has nearly 25 years experience in creating and designing proven, successful, soft-skills training courses using the science of ‘Accelerated Learning.

She leads and trains an international network of specialised industry trainers through her company, WeTrain.

Her super-power of identifying trends means that the magnates of the corporate world turn to her advice – advice on how to keep ahead of the game and how to maximise progress within their industry. 

The organizers of major business awards approach her for advice, seeking to give their finalists the opportunity to benefit from her expertize—which she is honored to impart.

Judeth is the acclaimed author of three books, The Inside Secrets of Powerful Presenters: How to get enthusiastic applause, even a standing ovation, every time you speak; Become A Millionaire Working Just Two Days A Week; and, most recently, Training Works: Better People, Better Bottom Line, which was co-authored with a select few of her leading specialist trainers.

In 1997, Judeth founded Upfront Communications (now called WeTrain), and it has become Australia’s largest training organization for the full range of soft skills. WeTrain innovatory approach lies in its network of highly specialized trainers who design and customize training to meet individual client needs.

Through the advanced tailoring of ‘Accelerated Learning’ principles, the company creates multi-media training that is interactive, productive and fun. Results are measurably at least 60% greater than the very best lecture-style training.

Satisfied clients include companies such as Sanofi Aventis, Grant Thornton, DHL, Hewlett-Packard, NCAA, Enigma Health, BT, 3M, USAID, Johnson and Johnson, De La Roux Currencies, Tate and Lyle, Novartis and Thomas Cook.

Judeth also founded and created a top-of-the-game, unique training course and business: the Trainers Ultimate Toolkit. In this course, Judeth shares with trainers the remarkable depth and breadth of her expertise. It also provides trainers with step-by-step information on how to establish and grow their own training business, how to market themselves effectively, and how to price themselves correctly in the market—the complete blueprint for a prosperous training business.

She considers the Trainers Ultimate Toolkit as the best work she has created to date. With the Trainers Ultimate Toolkit, she demonstrates her true passion for helping trainers to run a lucrative training business and achieve the lifestyle of their dreams.

And she has achieved the lifestyle of her dreams. It is is how Judeth lives today. She travels the world with her family, helping trainers, sharing her expertise and visiting the best restaurants on earth…

…Because Judeth loves to indulge her passion for fine dining, and also enjoys immersing herself in the cuisine of all the countries she visits. One by one, she is ticking the world’s premier degustation restaurants off her bucket list. Unfortunately, however, after experiencing each of these amazing menus, she delights in trying to reproduce the gourmet event for her friends and family. Allegedly, her friends and family still love her.